James Hone

Wang Fon-Jen Professor of Mechanical Engineering
240 S.W. Mudd, Mail Code 4703
Tel: (212) 854-6244
Fax: (212) 854-3304
Spring '16 office hours: Wed. 10:30-11:30am

The Hone group currently has three research thrusts: carbon nanotubes, nano-bioscience, and nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS). Our work with nanotubes involves growth and manipulation of nanotubes, and manufacture of devices with precisely known chiral structure. We are also investigating the use of nanotubes in energy conversion devices such as solar cells and fuel cells. Our nano-bio work involves the use of ultrahigh resolution lithography to fabricate structures with nanometer-scale dimensions. These structures, when appropriately bio-functionalized, permit investigation of the relationship between spatial organization and biological function. In NEMS, we are developing technologies toward the goal of nano-sized resonant beam gas sensors with chemical specificity.

Recently named Wang Fon-Jen Professor of Mechanical Engineering.


Recent Publications

Saba Ghassemi, Giovanni Meacci, Pere Roca-Cusachs, Alexander Godarenko, Anurag Mathur, Michael P. Sheetz, James Hone, “Cell Rigidity Sensing by Local Displacements”, PNAS 109, 5328 (2012).

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J. Hone, B. Batlogg, Z. Benes, A. T. Johnson, and J. E. Fischer, “Quantized phonon spectrum of single-wall carbon nanotubes,” Science 289, 1730-1733 (2000).

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