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Columbia Engineers Make World’s Smallest FM Radio Transmitter

In this new study, the team took advantage of graphene’s mechanical ‘stretchability’ to tune the output frequency of their custom oscillator, creating a nanomechanical version of an electronic component known as a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO).

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Celebrating Awards of Faculty Excellence

At the 2013 Faculty Excellence Celebration, six of our esteemed professors were recognized with awards and honors received during the past year. Honors include the Named Professor Award, Recognition/Achievement Award, Scholarly Leadership Recogntion, Honorary Professorship Recognition, and award for Best Paper. Find out who was recognized!

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Touring Around A Space Shuttle

This summer Popular Science magazine met up with Professor Mike Massimino at the Space Shuttle Pavilion in NYC.  He gave them a tour around the shuttle and discussed his time as a space shuttle astronaut, as well as the classes he teaches at Columbia.  He no doubt let his amiable and witty personality show, even as it pertained to the perils of spaceflight.

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