Prof. Wong Elected as OSA Fellow Member




Professor Chee Wei Wong has entered the celebration of Columbia Engineering’s 150th Anniversary with great prestige. A member of The Optical Society and an Associate Professor at our Department of Mechanical Engineering, Wong has been elected as a part of the newest group of OSA Fellow Members.

Advancing “nonlinear, quantum and ultrafast optics in nanophotonics, including silicon electronic-photonic circuits and photonic crystals, quantum dot interactions, nanoelectromechanical systems, and nanofabrication (1),” Professor Wong has proved more than worthy of awards such as the DARPA Young Faculty Award, NSF CAREER Award, and the 3M Faculty Award, which he received between 2007 and 2009.

Being elected as a member of the newest class of OSA Fellows is an acknowledgement of Professor Wong’s impact on optics and photonics. Receiving recognition as an OSA Fellow involves a highly competitive process – no more than 10% of the OSA Membership may be Fellows. Wong’s contributions have been well-documented, as he is published in 4 book chapters, 55+ journals, and 85+ conference articles. In addition, he is awaiting confirmation of 12 pending patents to add to his collection of 10 awarded patents.

“The distinction of OSA Fellow signifies members who are at the top of the optics and photonics profession. On behalf of OSA, I am pleased to acknowledge their outstanding contributions and honor my OSA colleagues with this well-deserved distinction (2).”

– OSA President Donna Strickland

Professor Wong is affiliated with the Columbia faculty since 2004, working with Solid-State Science and Engineering and the Center for Integrated Science and Engineering.



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