Qiao Lin

236 S.W. Mudd, Mail Code: 4703
Phone: (212) 854-1906
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Email: qlin@columbia.edu
Spring '19 office hours: Fri 12-1pm

Qiao Lin conducts research in the area of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) with applications to biology and medicine. Current research is focused on designing and creating micro/nanosystems, in particular,  microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and micro/nanofluidic systems, for controlling the motion and measuring the dynamic behavior, such as conformational transitions, and interactions and reactions of biomolecules in solution. The goal of these systems is primarily to facilitate understanding of fundamental biophysical phenomena, and to enable practical biomedical applications. These systems will allow automated, sensitive, high-throughput analysis of biological systems within well-controlled micro- and nanoscale environments, and may enable novel biological investigations not attainable by conventional methods.

Professor Lin directs the Columbia BioMEMS Laboratory. Research projects in the laboratory primarily include aptameric microfluidics, implantable MEMS affinity biosensors, MEMS-based characterization of temperature-dependent biomolecular behavior, polymer-enhanced microflow control, and BioMEMS modeling. Examples of results from these projects include microfluidic purification systems using thermally controlled, reversible aptamer-target binding; MEMS continuous glucose sensors using viscometric and dielectric affinity assays; MEMS biocalorimeters; compliance-based microflow control devices; and efficient and accurate microfluidic models.

Recent Publications

B. Wang, J. Ni, Y. Litvin, D. Pfaff, and Q. Lin, “A Microfluidic Approach to Pulsatile Transcranial Delivery of Drugs for Neurobiological Studies,” J. Microelectromechanical Systems, 21: 53-61 (2012)

J.P. Hilton, T. Nguyen, R. Pei, M. Stojanovic and Q. Lin, “A Microfluidic Affinity Sensor for
Detection of Cocaine,” Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 166: 241-246 (2011) 

S. Li, E. Davis, X. Huang, B. Song, R. Peltzman, D. Sims, Q. Lin and Q. Wang, “Synthesis and Development of Poly(N-hydroxyethyl acrylamide)-ran-PAAPBA (PHEAA-ran-PAAPBA) Polymer Fluid for Potential Application in Affinity Sensing of Glucose,” J. of Diabetes Science and Technology, 5: 1060-1067 (2011)

T.H. Nguyen, R. Pei, D. Landry, M. Stojanovic and Q. Lin, “Microfluidic Aptameric Affinity Sensing of Vasopressin for Clinical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications,” Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 154: 59-66 (2011)

T.H. Nguyen, R. Pei, M. Stojanovic and Q. Lin, “Demonstration and Characterization of Biomolecular Enrichment on Microfluidic Aptamer-Functionalized Surfaces,” Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 158: 58-66 (2011)

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