The Department of Mechanical Engineering works to advance practical solutions that improve health, safety, and quality of life. Join us as we address the most important needs of society through rich and versatile discovery and scholarship.


Department faculty members are outstanding instructors and recognized experts in mechanical engineering, who bring their passion for innovative research, original thinking, and scholarship into the classroom. They are deeply invested in inspiring, teaching, and mentoring students.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering is home to such diverse research activities as biomechanics, mechanics of materials, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, control and robotics, manufacturing, energy systems, MEMS, and nanotechnology.


Robotic “Gray Goo”

Researchers at Columbia Engineering and MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab demonstrate for the first time a way to make a robot composed of many More
Mar 20 2019 | By Holly Evarts | Video Credit: Richa Batra, Shuguang Li, Jane Nisselson, Kyle Parsons/Columbia Engineering | Robotic Particles Photo Credit: Shuguang Li/Columbia Engineering | Light Source Photo Credit: Richa Batra, Jane Nisselson, Kyle Parsons/Columbia Engineering

A Step Closer to Self-Aware Machines

Researchers have made a major advance in robotics by creating a robot that learns what it is, from scratch, with zero prior knowledge of physics, geometry, or More
Jan 30 2019 | By Holly Evarts | Photo Credit: Robert Kwiatkowski/Columbia Engineering