E.g., 01/27/2020
E.g., 01/27/2020
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Jan 7 2020
AI in Healthcare
Press Release
Columbia engineers invent a robotic trunk-support-trainer to retrain patients with spinal cord injury to sit more stably and gain an expanded… More
Jan 6 2020
Recent publications from faculty in Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, and Mechanical Engineering.
Dec 27 2019
Over his more than 16 years at Columbia as a lecturer and adjunct associate professor, he taught many classes and mentored hundreds of… More
Dec 18 2019
Two former Columbia postdocs working at the frontiers of quantum physics and single molecule chemistry were chosen as Finalists in the… More
Dec 16 2019
New center leverages cross-disciplinary expertise in manipulating quantum materials.
Nov 22 2019
Press Release
Columbia researchers invent a new way to tune the properties of 2D materials by adjusting the twist angle between them
Nov 21 2019
PhD candidate honored for her work on end-stage renal disease
Nov 12 2019
Press Release
Researchers use in vivo imaging to watch how cells move and generate forces inside living tissues, study sheds new light on how motor proteins… More
Oct 28 2019