Mohammad Naraghi

Adjunct Professor
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 Fall 2018 Office Hours: Thursday 6:00-7:00pm

Professor Mohammad Naraghi, PhD

Professor Naraghi researches the areas of thermal analysis of rocket engines, radiation heat transfer and renewable energy.  He has worked closely with NASA Lewis Research Center, through research grants and a number of fellowships, to develop a comprehensive Rocket Thermal Evaluation code (RTE).  Because of this code, he received a certificate of recognition from NASA for the creative development of technically significant software which has been accepted and approved for dissemination to the public by NASA. Since the first release of RTE through NASA's COSMIC library (July 1991), Dr. Naraghi worked closely with NASA as well as a number of Aerospace companies to expand capabilities of the code.

Dr. Naraghis research in radiation heat transfer resulted in a number of novel methods for analysis of radiative transport problems. References are made to those methods in a number of radiation heat transfer textbooks. He has also developed a comprehensive radiation heat transfer model for crystal growth processes, primarily, Czchralski crystal growth processes. His recent work on green buildings resulted in a patent entitled a novel seasonally selective building façade.

Dr. Naraghi received his undergraduate degree from the University of Tehran, MS from the University of Wales, and PhD from the University of Akron. 




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