P. James Schuck

Associate Professor 
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Email:  p.j.schuck@columbia.edu
Spring '19 office hours:  Thurs 2:30-3:30pm

P. James Schuck is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University.  He earned his B.A. in Physics at UC Berkeley and his Ph.D. in Applied Physics at Yale University.  Jim then did his postdoctoral studies with Prof. W. E. Moerner at Stanford University, studying optical nanoantennas and single-molecule spectroscopy.  The Schuck group aims to characterize, understand and control nanoscale light-matter interactions, with a primary focus on sensing, engineering and exploiting novel optoelectronic phenomena emerging from nanostructures and interfaces.  This offers unprecedented opportunities for developing innovative devices that rely on the dynamic manipulation of single photons and charge carriers.  We are continuously developing new spectroscopic methods that provide unique access to optical, electrical, and structural properties at relevant length scales in real environments encountered in energy and biological applications.  Current research interests include the investigation and applications of 2D materials and upconverting nanoparticles (UCNPs).

Recent Publications
Kaiyuan Yao, Aiming Yan, Salman Kahn, Aslihan Suslu, Yufeng Liang, Edward S. Barnard, Sefaattin Tongay, Alex Zettl, Nicholas J. Borys, P. James Schuck*, "Optically Discriminating Carrier-Induced Quasiparticle Band Gap and Exciton Energy Renormalization in Monolayer MoS2, "Physical Review Letters 119, 087401 (2017)
Wei Bao, Nicholas J. Borys, Changhyun Ko, Joonki Suh, Wen Fan, Andrew Thron, Yingjie Zhang, Alexander Buyanin, Jie Zhang, Stefano Cabrini, Paul D. Ashby, Alexander Weber-Bargioni, Sefaattin Tongay, Shaul Aloni, D. Frank Ogletree, Junqiao Wu, Miquel B. Salmeron, and P. James Schuck*, "Visualizing nanoscale excitonic relaxation properties of disordered edges and grain boundaries in monolayer molybdenum disulfide," Nature Communications 6, 7993 (2015)
Daniel J. Gargas, Emory M. Chan, Alexis D. Ostrowski, Shaul Aloni, M. Virginia P. Altoe, Edward S. Barnard, Babak Sanii, Jeffrey J. Urban, Delia J. Milliron, Bruce E. Cohen and P. James Schuck*, “Engineering bright sub-10-nm upconverting nanocrystals for single-molecule imaging,” Nature Nanotechnology 9, 300 (2014)
P. James Schuck*, Alexander Weber-Bargioni, Paul D. Ashby, D. Frank Ogletree, Adam Schwartzberg, Stefano Cabrini, “Life Beyond Diffraction: Opening New Routes to Materials Characterization with Next-Generation Optical Near-Field Probes,” Feature Review Article,Advanced Functional Materials 23, 2539 (2013)
W. Bao, M. Melli, N. Caselli, F. Riboli, D. S. Wiersma, M. Staffaroni, H. Choo, D. F. Ogletree, S. Aloni, J. Bokor, S. Cabrini, F. Intonti, M. B. Salmeron, E. Yablonovitch, P. James Schuck,* A. Weber-Bargioni, "Mapping local charge recombination heterogeneity by multidimensional nanospectroscopic imaging,"Science 338, 1317 (2012)

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